Other Club Activities

The Billings Lions Club hosts the Charles Campbell Children’s Camp, operates a youth camp Facility near Red Lodge, Montana, and participates in the Montana Vision Screening Program. Use the links above or at right for more information about them. Other community activities include:

Eyeglass and Hearing Aid Assistance

The Billings Lions Club and the Montana Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation offer assistance. Contact the Club through the contact us menu link above.

Eyeglass and Hearing Aid Recycling

Donation of used eyeglasses and hearing aids are accepted at many locations around town. Look for the Lions emblem on recycling boxes. Eyeglasses are cleaned, tested and distributed by Lions and vision professionals while traveling to developing countries. Hearing aids are refurbished and provided to Americans through efforts of the Montana Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation.

The Billings Lions Foundation

The Billings Lions Club established a foundation to endow activities of the Club and provide for tax deductible donations. The public is encouraged to contribute to the Foundation at PO Box 23, Billings, MT, 59103.

The Lions Montana Sight & Hearing Foundation

This foundation supported by Lions Clubs across the state serves to underwrite sight and hearing assistance that is beyond the capability of one club. Assistance always begins with an endorsement by a local club which serves as a point of contact. For more about the Lions Montana Sight & Hearing Foundation go to www.mtlionsshfnd.org.


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