Eye Screening Program

The Billings Lions Club participates in the Montana Vision Screening program. Lions Clubs International Foundation, The Montana Sight & Hearing Foundation and Lions Clubs across the state have joined together to fight against blindness. We do so by offering vision screening for children to assist in diagnosing and eliminating causes of blindness as well as promoting personal development through improved sight.

The program uses a Plusoptix vision screening device to provide a reliable and objective screening result. An objective screening result is not biased by interpretation of the person performing the screening nor by poor co-operation of the child. Measurements are performed from 3.3 feet (1 meter) away. One second after establishing visual contact, the measurement is complete. An age dependent “pass” or “refer” screening result is provided immediately.

A “refer” result indicates your child should see an eye care professional for a comprehensive exam. A “pass” result indicates eye health is good for now, but retest regularly as the eyes change with growth.

More information for parents, schools and Lions ai available at montanalions.org.

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